If There’s Power in the Pussy, How Can I Get Some?

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If There’s Power in the Pussy, How Can I Get Some?


My sister recently sent me this video, mainly because she thought that this guy was funny… um… he’s aight.lol. Anywho, I chose to post this video because it reiterates the saying that we females hear oh too often “Females have the power.” ”There’s power in the Pussy”, Females have the upper hand, they just dont know it”

You’re right men, we don’t know how to capitalize on this power so break it down for us!


We’re the ones who are emotionally fragile. We’re the ones that usually get played, we’re the ones that allow men to repeatedly scar us and yet somehow we always end up back in the same situations: A reoccuring trap of that which is Men (Disclaimer: Not all of them… we’ve got some good men out there. I know). All it takes is one broken heart and a man has learned his lesson for life and no matter how much of a blunt, cheap, sexist, cheating, liar he is (Not all. He may just be one of these), he always gets the girl… correction “the girls” 

So I’m on a mission. Can someone answer this forever confusing question?
If Pussy is Power, How can I get some?
My personal conclusion:

Pussy would have power if it wasn’t given out so freely. The free bees and clearance distibutions have devalued our stock. HMPH!

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  1. Pussy is power, the problem is, all girls have one.

    anonn, 2 years ago Reply

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