Drake Can Cry On My Bosom

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Drake Can Cry On My Bosom

As Drake continues to drop diary entries like Marvin’s Room, know that panties around the world are dropping as well. This dude gets it.

Open Heart =Open Legs

Yes, bravado is sexy.

Yes, strength is a turn on.

Yes, b*tchassn*gs are hard to love.

BUT, a man that can honestly articulate the tribulations his heart is going through is a fucking keeper. WORDUP

FACT: Women like to be wood and know that the wooing is coming from a genuine place, preferably his heart.

And this sensitive boy, Drake puckers up and says everything right.


“You Can Do Better….”


4 simple words  that praise her worth and still confidently big his self up. #SWaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

or maybe I’m just #dickriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding

either way, #idoooooooon’tcare!

Some dudes have serious, serious, serious, unnecessary, deeply rooted, confined, and sordid issues with confessing  their emotions. As if giving a f*ck conveys some form of weakness Alllll dat? I guess to some it does but women love it. I know I do. As my co-host, life partner, and bestgalpal  @Trayhova would say:

“Don’t ever date a dude that doesn’t listen to R&B”

That’s right my dude, if your too hardcore to even let a song cry for you I can’t fuxx w/ you.

But that nice boy Aubrey can.



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