Too Damn Hot: Tips For the Best Shower Sex of Your Freaking Life!

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Too Damn Hot: Tips For the Best Shower Sex of Your Freaking Life!

If you’ve been anywhere near the tri-state area this past week, you know that it’s been hotter than a summer day in hell. But despite the disrespectful degrees outside, some of us still need to have sex here! We tweeted one bit of advice earlier, now it’s time for another. Before you disgust your sheets with a damp romp, take all that nakedness to the shower! But do know there’s levels to this type of cooled out nookie. It’s not all about If you want the latter peep these tips from 5 dudes. Trust us, this ish is helpful!

Mario F. Daniels, 25: Never have shower sex in extremely warm/hot water, it causes premature ejaculation in males because the heat contracts the muscles causing a release in sperm.

Jason, 25: Soap is not a lubricant… Dont step too far to the back of the tub, it’s sloped back there.

Austin, 29: Bend over, be shaved/trimmed, hold on to something and make it so good that we break whatever the person is holding.

Clinton, 25: One of the most important parts of shower sex is pretending like ya’ll meant to ONLY take a shower together.  So in that spirit, stand in front of the shower head to prevent her from getting splashed and start soaping her up.  Start with the breast (because where else are you going to start?), hit her stomach and the thighs, but avoid the cookie for now because you know how she gets about soap in her lady business.  Turn her around, start from the shoulders and work you way to her butt.  Once you’re there, then the fun begins… (NOTE FROM TRACY: SMARTASS MAN!!!!)

Anonymous, 26: When you get it going in the shower its gotta be started off with head on both ends. I find that when your having sex under the shower wit the water coming down on hard on both of yall & you guys are going at it makes the sex just that much more intense.

And there you have it good women! Now go get wet and don’t be afraid to drop the soap : )

xx tracy

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