“I Don’t Really Like Sex, But I Do It For The Cuddling…”

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“I Don’t Really Like Sex, But I Do It For The Cuddling…”

Alright calm up your brow bone and quit your judging. I, Tracy G., am not the source of that alarming and awkward quote.

In the latest issue of Esquire (aka the Zeus of glossies), sex columnist Stacey Grenrock Woods gets queried with this:

How long after having sex with a new partner do you have to wait before falling asleep?

Somewhere between talking the spooning effects of oxycotin and answering the question (10minutes), there was mention of that aforementioned quote that an eff therapist swears is a sentiment many women and dudes maintain.

Goodness freaking yikes!

This troubles me because that pretty much means for 20 to 60+ minutes there are folks out there pushing themselves to moan, thrust, swap sweat and channel Pinky for the sake of a 10 minute post-smash cuddle fete. Come on yo! Where’s the reciprocity in that?

If it’s too hard to reconsider spreading your legs for the sake of someone spreading their arms, at the very very very least, work cuddling into your foreplay routine. Please.

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