About the Guy I Dated with the Thick Accent…

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About the Guy I Dated with the Thick Accent…

“I can’t date a guy a with an accent.”

I used to HATE hearing people say that! As a first generation seed, I’ve been raised around accents all my life so decoding broken English is one of my powers.  Plus, *flavor* is endearing. Until that is, I went on a date with Allen from Russia…

Don’t get me wrong I liked Allen! I really did! Allen was HOTT; cute guy, ambitious, chivalrous, independent – great arm candy (yes boys , women can be superficial like that too). Most importantly, he like many other guys born on foreign soil, believe in treating women like platinum, and I’m all about the wooing, so sign me up. And his thick Russian maybe-I-need-subtitles- tonight accent? Ummmm… I decided to regard that as a challenge as oppossed to a problem!

Until that is it became a problem….

PROBLEM–> So we’re sitting there having sushi and some guy bearing flowers asks Allen if he’d like to buy me one. And at this point what choice does Allen have, right? He buys me a flower. Flower man earns his living and leaves. I’m sitting pretty with a flower. All is right with the world. But Allen looks upset…

What’s wrong Hott Allen?

Then Allen starts talking about poor people, his tax dollars, in his country this and in his country that, America is too damn lenient on the poor, something, something, something, and THAT’s why he votes Republican!

Okay, Guerdley you’re on a date with Joseph Stalin. Very nice.

I’m far from a Tree-Hugger or a PETA Petitioner (I’ll skin an animal alive if it’ll make for a nice accessory), but certainly liberal in my own ways (mainly on female entitlement, Who Run They World? GIRLS!) So, needless to say his whole spiel rubbed my sensitive liberal side with Brillo pad irritation. After the sushi we parted ways.

I know Allen’s views were more attributed to the fact that he was Allen, than the fact that he was Russian. So I guess when people say they’re not into accents, maybe they mean they aren’t up for the friction of a cultural clash. Still hella ignorant and elitist, but hey, after accidently ending up on a date with a Fascist, I guess I can understand…



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  1. good job men

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