Why I Won’t Date Dudes Who Slander Kim Kardashian

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Why I Won’t Date Dudes Who Slander Kim Kardashian

I can understand why some guys would find her narcissistic, lamebrained or even undeserving. But any male who thinks Kim Kardashian is an irreversible jezebel just because she enjoyed a standard smash session with her 3-year boyfriend under the gaze of a red-eyed flip cam, is probably the type of dude who’s in need of some more bed-training.

Or one who’d consider peddling your sex tape on Facebook post-breakup.

Freak, fine, perhaps both were ill willed and extreme of me to say. But I’m really, really, really trying not to pin these dudes as level one chauvinists…

annnnnnd I’ve given up!

Fuck it, I’m dubbing them #undateable (to Tracy’s measures), word to A. Yee.

Plus it was consensual (!), monogamous (!!) sex… with only two super conventional (!!!) positions involved (If you have a version that includes an impromptu gangbang, brown-brimmed cup, or a Kellz cameo tweet me a link yo!), not to mention a whole lotta soft-core mushiness. So that’s an act of floozery? Good lawd, I don’t want you judging my Scorpio ways then or bringing up irrelevancies that happened four years.

So that seems to be the first part that makes some upset. The second is obviously the capitalization, which I’m lighter with arguing, but still defend. When the public deems you a slut for sexing your boyfriend, the smartest move to make is to flip that negative into a positive. And if that positive opportunity happens to be a moneymaker, well frankly you’d be a daft punk for not taking advantage.

The Kardashian name is far smarter than we’d like to acknowledge. Kim’s reality show helps her image in that there is way more for us to see in her than just Ray-J’s penis. She talks! She cries! She’s likeable! She makes business moves! And guess what, she’s an effing lady who obviously knows how to hold down a man for more than 365.

Kim may have starred in a regrettable straight-to-zshare video years ago, but that doesn’t make her any less wifeable. That situation could’ve happened to any sweet sexually active female. So while dudes keep cracking on Kim K’s resiliency, I’m going to go ahead and applaud that future milf.

Toodles to you itchbays : )


PS: Markman be knowing…

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