5 Ways To Tell That You’re More Than Just His Seasonal Fling

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5 Ways To Tell That You’re More Than Just His Seasonal Fling

Hola Ladies!

It’s me. Madam Chazeen.lol. Anywho, I think it’s safe to say that over time, we ladies have drafted up our own list of signs and clues that we think a man displays when he’s really into us. Men always say that we never know what we’re talking about so today I’d like to nix these misconceptions and really get down to the truthful signs.

I believe that when a guy is serious about you, you’ll know it and he’ll be sure to show it, my friends. Not sure what the signs are? Let me brief you on my theory and see if the men confirm.  Take a gander:


A kiss on the forehead. A classic. It is very rare that any man will forge this act just to get into your pants. They’ve got too much pride for that. It takes a very sleezy jerk to do that and if you couldn’t spot his sleeziness from a mile away, then you may not have anyone to blame but yourself chica.

Usually that is the case. You’re right but I can’t lie and say that I haven’t done it to get the sex. Guess that makes me the ex-sleez bag. Guilty. I left some pretty obvious clues that I wasn’t serious about those females. They probably should have been able to sniff that out- Stan, 29


He picks up just about every time you call or if he doesn’t pick up, he’ll definitely be calling before the day is out. No 1 day/ 2 day waits from this man. If he’s into you then he’ll have no time to play games. If you’re a beautiful girl, he already knows that you’ve got prospects and as I said before, men are naturally competitive so if he views this to be something real, he’ll put in the time.

Yes. I’ll pick up and I may even do it if I’m busy. Here is the thing to also remember. If I like a girl, I’m going to hit her up too. It won’t just be one sided.  - Dave, 33


He’ll try something that he would never normally do, just for you. Whether it’s church, going to see a chick flick, trying a new restaurant, making a long commute to get to your house… basically, if he wouldn’t normally do it and he does it for you, then he’s a keeper and if he suggests it… even better my dears!

I usually know if a guy is serious when he agrees to accompany me to church…not just once but a few times. That is the test ladies. If he does it once then he gets some points but if he is consistent, then you know it’s real. One time does take effort (could be cuffin season effort. See Cuffin’ Season is Approaching. Here’s How to Prepare (Full Calendar Inside) but multiple times proves him to be a keeper. Can’t nobody fake the funk for that long. Can I get an AMEN!?

If I really like her then I’ll do it but ain’t no one trying to make an hour and a half commute for someone they don’t really like. Unless it’s some very good sex. But I probably won’t go out there often. Same for chick flicks. I’m not with it but if I like her, I know that it won’t kill me to make her happy. –  Jermaine – 26


He makes you breakfast. Ever have to get up and cook someone breakfast? It’s not too fun. You’re tired and if the night before consisted of a few fun-filled bedtime activities, the last thing anyone wants to do is get up and make someone breakfast.

Now let’s just make sure that we specify ladies. I said “He makes you breakfast.”  Not “He’ll get up and heat some waffles.” I also didn’t mention anything about dinner, lunch etc. These efforts definitely shouldn’t go unnoticed but  I have realized that some men have been using this practice as a cuffin tool. Dinner at his house = a high potenital for late night sex. Could be genuine. Could be a wise investment for the ultimate goal. Give him some credit for realizing that you’re no easy lay but breakfast… BREAKFAST is the true indication that he views you to be a keeper.

Me cooking breakfast is a clear indication that I’m feeling her. You dont go the extra mile for anyone you dont like after sex. No time for that. – Joe, 27


2 -3 months in and he’s still suggesting that you go out on datesMan, if I were a guy I don’t know how I’d do it. It’s expensive to pay for a 2 person, dinner, movie or bar run every week. Think about it ladies. It’s not exactly something that you’d invest your money in unless you knew that you were going to reap a reward for your efforts. Now for most men, that reward could be sex, a cuff buddy, an “in the meantime” chick BUT if we’re 3 months in and he is still thinking of ways to impress you (meaning you’re not just hitting up the local bar/ lounge for some drinks) then he’s feeling you girl. Pat yourself on the back because you deserve it. You, my dear, have found yourself a keeper!

Agree. Unless he’s rich but even then I’m sure it gets tiring if you’re not into the girl like that. – Don, 26

*Important Note* For years there’s been a crazy misconception spreading amongst women. I think we’ve been lead to believe that if a guy introduces us to his friends then he’s serious about us. If you haven’t realized by now, men are on to that theory as well. Yup! This doesn’t necessarily mean that he views you as girlfriend material… just a heads up for my WWMD loves.

Don’t believe me? Let’s ask ourselves some questions: When is the last  time that you haven’t met a man’s friends? The average woman instantly notices when she has been dating a guy for some time and has yet to meet his friends. If you were a guy would you risk possibly having to answer to those questions? Men are also alot like women. They like to talk about who they’re dating and if they have a bad female on their arm, they’re going to make sure that their friends know who they’re dealing with.

Moral of the story: If he introduces you to his friends, it could mean something or it could possibly mean nothing. Don’t consider this a definite sign. For goodness sake your messing with his Cuff! Shame on you! :)

If he introduces you to his friends that means that he likes you enough. If he introduces you to his mom then he likes you a lot. Sometimes, I’m just introducing a girl to the friends to get their opinion or show her off or so that they know who I’ve been talking about or because they all just happen to be in the same location. – Jerelle, 30

Hope this helps! Share your thoughts. Comment. I’d love to hear!

Ciao Belas!


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