Conceited Girl Syndrome: Men Prescribe a Cure!

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Conceited Girl Syndrome: Men Prescribe a Cure!

Has your girlfriend ever acted like you don’t give her enough attention?

At times have you ever felt that she “creates” moments to stir up intimacy?

Has your girl ever told you that you don’t act like you’re into her enough, even though you know you are?

If so my friend, you may have a case of Conceited Girl Syndrome in your hopeless hands. This is the beautiful young lady currently clutched to your arm that you fell for (you among many, many, many others). In your opinion things are going great.  After all, what do you have to complain about? You’re dating an awesome chick: she’s super dope, easy on the eyes, and perspires swagoo. BUT she’s got a problem that becomes your problem on a reoccurring basis— her expectations. Her expectations for a lack of better of words, suck. Why do they suck? Simply because they are exhausting— she needs a bit more of a lot.

Meet Tracy, a self-diagnosed patient of Conceited Girl Syndrome:

Sigh, I recently had a sad revelation about myself. I’ve been attracted to possessive lovers most of my life. Why? ::Deep Breath:: ‘Cause I (subconsciously!) viewed their hyper-lust for Tracy G. as insurance. Agh!!! Don’t judge me yo! My vulnerable ego needed to feel like that they wouldn’t leave me before my autonomous ass left them. You see sons, I’m not so used to being in a healthy, well-balanced relationship so sometimes my bad mind habits start dashing towards this current amazing boy of mine. And it’s not because I really really want to own a copy to the keys of his one-rent-old apartment, but because Buergs’ tells me I’m wrangling with a condition called Conceited Girl Syndrome. F-ck!

Alright, here’s the problem: Chick’s well-received—to a fault. Her admirers have filled her head with fancy words, sugary affirmations, and their unremitting commitment to being in her company a.k.a. her bubble. And what is the paradox that is left in the hands of her man— the well balanced suitor? Big ass shoes. The type of kicks that will remain spacious no matter how hard you shuck & jive.

Now, what about Tracy and the other girls that suffer form Conceited Girl Syndrome, does she– I mean we (birds of feather kiddies..) have a chance of not driving a practical guy dizzy with delusion? Will a healthy dose of rationality ever be enough to satiate the acquired taste of a CG?

Here’s what a few guys prescribed:

“Sometimes they need a healthy dose of getting played! Someone needs to show them that they are too conceited by being that person to them. Sometimes that is the only way for people to learn.” – Jo, 28

“Guys know when they are going for a CG. Chances are he liked that about her when he chose her. There may be no need to for her to change.” – Gregory, 22

“Don’t like the way she acts? D*ck-matize her. That is the quickest way to correct female antics. It’s fool proof.”– Jacque, 27

And the rest of ya? Have you ever been down this road? If so, give us some mouth :D What do you think, what is the best way to remedy Conceited Girl Syndrome? Active case studies everywhere are waiting for your response!

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