Fact or Fiction: Do Her Dance Skills Affect Her Sex Skills?

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Fact or Fiction: Do Her Dance Skills Affect Her Sex Skills?

Ever heard this? –> “A woman who can dance is a pro in bed”

I’ve heard it before. It makes a lot of sense to me. If you’ve got rhythm in bed then you should probably have rhythm in the sheets and good rhythm is the key to some good sex. It takes 2 to tango but if one participant has mastered the art of rhythm then it’s much more likely that the night time games will be fun-filled.

Now despite what I feel, I’ve heard a lot of people, or men for that matter, say that the belief above isn’t always true <- It isn’t true? How can that be? Well as usual, since I couldn’t answer that question for you,  I decided to ask a few men. If you’re like me, you not only want to know if this possible. But if this myth is true, you want to know the deets. Where are these dancers going wrong? Let us know so that we don’t make the same mistake right?

Let’s just into it:

Women who can dance, are they usually good in bed?


Sex with girls who are dancers, or have a background in dance usually (I stress usually NOT always) is better due to the fact that they will have more involvement. For instance a dancer will wind her waist even if she’s laying on her back. Dancers usually are better on top. There’s just more of a sensuality while with a dancer. All my ex girlfriends have a dance background.


Hmmm.  Don’t think there is a direct correlation.  I had one experience where the girl was an awesome/sexy dancer. Our chemistry dancing was great but in bed it was pretty lack luster. I think it just boils down to chemistry.  But majority of the time the girls that can dance have been great in bed. The way they move their ass and I think they can sense when the rhythm is in sync or out of sync and they can adjust accordingly, like on the dance floor.

Ok so… if a woman can’t dance, is that a deal breaker?


No. Not at all. I’ve dated a girl who couldn’t “dance” per say. You get over it and teach her a mean two step. There are other aspects of the sexual encounter that can make up for the “non-dance” factor. I probably would just take more control with it.



Actually its funny, most of my girlfriends didn’t really dance.  Ive only had one girlfriend that loved to dance, but she only had one move. haha. It’s not a deal breaker but I would prefer a woman that can dance.

Well there you go! Straight from the horse’s mouth.

 Ciao Belas!




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  1. Not true at all.No sexual position resembles any formal dance,except club dancing which is the least skillful type of dance possible.A good dancer is in good shape and hence can use this as an advantage in the sack.But really this should apply to anyone who is physically active from coal miners to athletes.Bad dancer does not mean bad in bed.But good dancers does not mean good in bed either.Plenty of porn stars that can't dance for shit.Bet Sasha Grey can't make it on the dance floor,but boy is she great horizontally.

    Zoid Bergier, 2 years ago Reply

  2. well as a dancer(stripper) yes we have better sex all we do is give lapdances all night which is a very sexual movement.

    Rhea, 1 year ago Reply

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