Older Women Disrobing: Is “Grown & Sexy” Being Taken Too Literal?

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Older Women Disrobing: Is “Grown & Sexy” Being Taken Too Literal?

I am a firm believer in all affirmations that support fleshy freedom of expression. If  “You Got It, Flaunt It”, was etched in my tombstone I would surely rest in peace. Yet in lieu of these firm beliefs – I found myself taken aback to see Jennifer Lopez shimmy her sha-shas in nothing but glitter (something I suspect borrowed from the 19 year-old B. Spears)  at the American Music Awards. Hope the Vixen Goddesses don’t strike me down for this one, but I have to ask: What do guys think about women, grown a** women (40+) pulling the sexy/scanty giddy-ups reserved for younger chicks? Is it sexy or innappropriate?

NOW, don’t get me wrong, Jenny from the block has still got It.This is not a conversation about whether she looked good, because the truth of the matter is she didn’t look good- she looked great. But there’s a different, far more valuable level of sexy an older woman is expected to assume. I think they call it - It’s called elegance… Something reminiscent to the gown Ol’ Jennifer started her performance wearing. As she ordered (as all Mothers do) “Mami’s” everywhere to shake it for their “Papi’s”, Jen kicked the gown and kickstarted the launch of a 7-minute strip tease. Every new verse cued a Lopez garment to “hit the floor” (as instructed). By the end of the performance, Jenny’s ball gown was nothing but a distant memory of the past. Before us stood a 40 year-old woman stripped- in more ways than one…

As always, WWMD reached out to our boys and asked for their honest input on mature women taking ‘grown and sexy’ too literal.

“I like to see older women still out there doing their thing! Your only as old as you feel baby! Shake what ya’ mother gave ya- even if your some body’s mother yourself!… Just don’t be my mother- no she has to cover up!” – Alex, 28

“Women are sexy when they own what they are. A woman that is grown and dressing or acting like a teen isn’t owning her sex appeal. She’s selling it for cheap and it’s making her look desperate.– Jeffrey, 31

“Whatever, do you what you want. You only have one life to live. And if you want to spend that life living past your prime, who am I to judge? I have no idea the crazy things that go through the minds of menopausal women and have no desire to learn!” – Nick, 22

What do you guys think? Is it sexy or unnecessary/innappropriate for older women to dress overtly sexy?

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Disclaimer: Again, Vixen Goddesses, Aphrodites, and fellow flaunty friends, all of y’all – don’t strike a chick down for inquiry. Just a humble servant trying to make it safely through the abyssal male mind…

As always lovers,

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