A Chick Who Can’t Cook… Deal Breaker For Men?

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A Chick Who Can’t Cook… Deal Breaker For Men?

Every  Thanksgiving, we all look forward to the same thing… FOOD! hmm… Can you hear the true foodie  in me? They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but what if she can’t cook?

Most recently, I feel like I’ve been meeting a lot of men that can cook… actually they’re amazing cooks… love you men! I’ve also met a lot of women that can’t cook or if they can cook, it’s the basics.  In the past it’s only been necessary for one person to be able to cook in the relationship but if that one person is the man, would our men have a problem with that? Is it a deal breaker?

There was a recent trending topic on Twitter called: #WomenWhoDontCook . Check out what the men had to say and peep my advice below chicas

@LivinDaStarlife #WomenWhoDontCook wonder why their (sic) single. Ask your stove.

MrRelationships #WomenWhoDontCook need not to have all these high demands from men.

KingJ323 All of the hot chicks I ever dated fall in the category of #WomenWhoDontCook I taught all of my exes how to cook actually SMH

Country788: #WomenWhoDontCook Are lazy lol

@BrianM A man that know how to cook is never scared to teach his girl how to. Through learning from her man, she’ll cook exactly how he likes to eat.


Hmm… If they feel this strongly about it then we’ve def. got to find a solution ladies. My personal advice:

I liked BrianM’s suggestion. I say be honest with your date and tell him that you don’t know how to cook. If he knows how to cook, ask him to teach you…cook the thanksgiving meal together. At least he knows that you have a genuine interest in learning… meaning that he can’t deem you as “lazy.” Best part is… if you’re a foodie like me, you get to try all his recipes in the meantime… I’m like salivating as I type. Let me go find myself a man who can cook.lol

Check out what our facebook fans had to say here on our poll: A woman who can’t cook… Deal Breaker? Add your 2 cents and be sure to like us

Last Question… What about a man who can’t cook? Deal Breaker Ladies? hmm…. yes… it goes both ways. See what our women had to say here.

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