5 Guys You Should Def. Date Before Settling Down

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5 Guys You Should Def. Date Before Settling Down

Being young and in your 20s is one of the best experiences of your dating life… and life in general. If you haven’t realized that yet then hop on it ladies because time is a wasting. We are the women that men love to date whether they’re in their 30s 40s or early 20s.

One of the great things about dating is experiencing new things and a great way to do that is to date different types of men. You’d be surprised how different and fulfilling each experience can be.  I’m def. making this sound like it’s a study abroad trip or something but trust me… So worth it! Take a gander below:

#1 The Older Man:
While I’m not 100% sure that I’d want to seriously date this man on a long term basis (Reason: Mainly compatibility differences. I need someone that can chill with me and my friends), he is definitely one type of man that every girl should experience. Want to feel like a lady? If you pick the right older man, he’ll treat you like a princess and you will freakin love it. I remember dating this older man and he took me to the Riverside cafe for my birthday. $125 plates… something you rarely experience with a guy your own age :/

He’s stable, has a little extra money to wine and dine you, has already been through the trial and errors of dating so he pretty much knows how to keep you happy, and… he’s been through the trials and errors of discovering good sex so he, more than likely, knows how to make you happy in that area as well. Good bye Jack Rabbits!

#2 The Foreigner:

I believe that every girl should experience dating outside of her race. You’ll be surprised how much you learn. Like when I had my latino boyfriend I became a pro at salsa, merengue y bachata (Maybe I wasn’t a pro but I sure got a lot of compliments. Tu sabes?!). And when I dated a guy from Sri Lanka, he showed me how to cook food from his country. How many people can say they know how to make a dish from Sri Lanka?

At the end of the day, it is an experience to have, it’s fun, and… it makes for a great story to tell your girls/ grand kids. Whichever you prefer.

#3 The Socialite:

He is definitely a fun one to date! He knows the owners of the hottest bars, clubs, restaurants. He has the hook up for every connect that you would ever need. He always knows what’s up on Friday and Saturday nights, he’s no foreigner to VIP, he dresses fly and he gives you a reason to wear those fly dresses and pumps that you splurged on and still have yet to wear. If you’ve ever had dreams of being a mini celeb then this is as good as it gets because this dude has the hook up. Holler if you hear me! (Got a little excited reminiscing. Back to reality, lol). And talk about well rounded. If he’s a true socialite, he’ll be well-versed and introduce you to diff aspects of the social world: museums, brunch on a garden rooftop over looking the city, cultural food like you’ve never known it before.

PS. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the connections that you make while with Sir Socialite, just make sure that you don’t become a networking groupie. No one likes hanging with that person… including mua : /

#4 The Sugar Daddy:

Though I’ve never had one (Dang! I gotta do that before my time is up), it’s every girl’s guilty pleasure. Who wouldn’t want a guy that showers you with the best of the best and allows you a few months to feel like a younger Kim K? Be honest. I know it’s hard to admit because you don’t want to sound trifling but it’s ok, we’re all friends here : ). As long as you don’t lead him on with false testimonies of your feelings then it’s ok to test the water for a bit. Just don’t get caught up and make this a permanent thing. Remember, we’re only testing the waters here. Most sugar daddies don’t make good boyfriendss. That’s why they’re only referred to as sugar daddies. hint, hint.

#5 The Bad Boy:
I’m so opposed to them but it is something to experience. It’s like riding a roller coaster. It’s the thrill of the ride. You never know what to expect. He’s got swag like no other and you get an on-going rush. Channel the feeling that you get when you watch Rihanna’s “We Found Love” Video. That guilty yet satisfying feeling that makes you want to watch it over and over again… and imagine yourself in Rihanna’s place dating Dudley O’Shaughnessy . It is the offset balance of fun and drama.

Although fun while it lasts, for me, a bad boy experience is the perfect one to show me what not to look for in a boyfriend. Ride that roller coaster ladies but know when to get off and get back on stable ground.

If you’re wondering how to find these men you’ve just got to hang out where they do. Find out where older wall st. men hangout after work, go there and grab a drink with your girls. Attend an industry event or industry charity event to meet the socialite. Venture outside of your usual hang out spot to meet “the foreigner.” Bad boys hang out everywhere and I’m not quite sure where and how to bag a sugar daddy but trust me… That blog will be coming soon lol.

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