Lessons from Chrihanna: 5 Precautions for the Ride-Or-Die Chick

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Lessons from Chrihanna: 5 Precautions for the Ride-Or-Die Chick

You got to admire the ovaries on a ride-or-die chick in love. Unfortunately though, not everything is applaud worthy, her perspective can suck — especially when she has on her hater shades. For most, love is free. But not for those in bad love; they have a price to pay costing them anywhere from friends, their reputation, in addition to regular taxes on self-respect. But even in the face of social bankruptcy, the loyal ride-or-die chick will still flip the bird and cling to a romance on life-support. At this point for her, love long surpassed being blind; it’s now blind, deaf, and defensive.  This is the main reason I can’t help but SMFH at Rihanna’s erect middle finger — because it’s shamelessly misdirected. It’s not that we don’t want to see the rude gyal in love, we just don’t want to see her banged up (take two) in the name of it. But for one reason or another this ride-or-die chick’s “Thank you” to our genuine concern is coming out much more aggressive than expected.

Kind of reminds of you of that  girlfriend we all wanted to rescue from an embarrassing romance, but would find ourselves pushed adrift every time we’d try to toss a lifesaver. The truth of the matter is a concerned friend can try all they want to shake the recklessness out of a ride-or-die chick. They can even go around  slapping “Results May Vary” warnings on romantic comedies everywhere. But be prepared, disappointment is in the near forecast… Redemption is a personal project.

So how does a hopeless romantic begin to muster hope? For starters: In the mirror, solo. But no worries, you’re never really alone, we devised a little list to help moderate the discussion every ride-or-die chick should have with herself:


There is no word in the english language more notoriously misused than the word, “Hater”. Put this on wax: Someone who “hates” abhores the idea of someone else finding prosperity and peace in life. Literally, if you smile, they die a little bit inside. NOT to be confused with someone who simply isn’t feeling your actions. People in bad love or ride-or-die chicks with their dukes up, tend to throw this word around and anyone who isn’t throwing rice at their union catches claim. If you’ve ever found yourself in this position try your hardest to be honestly objective: Do people have a real reason to complain? Has this dude disrespected anyone I care about? Has he disrespected me? Has he disrespected our relationship? If you can honestly answer these q’s, congratulations, you’ve successfully managed to look one step outside the box! Just remember, anyone taking time out of their own life to worry about your problems is a friend. (Most people don’t give a shilling). They may not be the kind of friend you may want, but certainly the kind you need.


Sometimes, loving Mr. Dead Wrong can come with major setbacks. In Rihanna’s case, rumor has it Jay-Z has a new protege he’s unveiling in lieu of her wanton ways. The newbie’s name is Rita Ora and in perfect dramatic prose she’d be the one to knock Riri from the top. Then again, who knows? However, the chances alone are a helluva gamble, dontchya think? Not to say that our actions should be guided by the yielding hand of someone else, but recognizing that every action, has a reaction, is a power move every big girl must practice – especially one bold enough to flip off the world.


Despite whatever your fortune cookie said, you have soul-mates patiently awaiting your arrival. Yes, soul-matesss –that’s plural baby. 7 billion sapiens roaming the world, you mean to tell me you have only 1 soul-mate? Come on now cakes, you took probability — that’s illogical! Yet so many tend to clutch to a bad romance in fear of wrangling loose their one true love (again, to hell with rom-coms). In turn they end up losing lifelong friends, relations with family, their good reputation, ya know — things that aren’t so replaceable. Choose wisely lovers.


Loyalty is a terrible thing to waste. Every ride-or-die chick needs to make sure their gravity defying love is ready and willing to be reciprocated. Frankly, come out and ask for it. “If your ____ didn’t like me would you drop them?” or any other derivative that applies. But really though, a healthy relationship shouldn’t cost you another healthy relationship, it should breed more. If it doesn’t, and if he isn’t willing to fork over the same commitment, take your good loving and get gone. Chump aint worth it.


We’d all like to believe that the love we found will last forever. Awww, how sweet & romantical! -__-  Unfortunatley though, the only consistent thing in life is change. If your relationship already reeks a trail of infidelity, abuse, or good ol’ fashioned disfunction, without a doubt there is an expiration date on it (whether you choose to recognize it or not). And unless he put a ring on it, chances are this dude isn’t worth much huff & puff. In some cases even if there is a ring on it and a fetus set to pop, if loving your dude is bringing negative backlash from multiple corners of the Earth, conditions to your unconditional love should still apply.

Again, all of this said with love and for the sole purpose of personal well being. Honestly, nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a bad b*tch make bad moves. Seriously, I hurt for my honeys! The truth may bite a little, but damnit it’ll set that pretty ass free! For more good looks check us out @wwmdtv

A special big-lipped muah [!] from a ride-or-die friend,


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  1. I enjoyed this article! If a man is disrespecting and mistreating you, is he really worth loving? I do not think so…We need to value ourselves!

    Giannie, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Seriously, the majority of people misuse the word "hater" smh but great article! I know everyone, well the majority of people can relate to this article, whether they are the ones in the unhealthy relationship, were in one or have a friend that is!

    Dani, 2 years ago Reply

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