5 Spin Moves He Might Play This Un-Cuffing Season

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5 Spin Moves He Might Play This Un-Cuffing Season

Young lovers, Spring is upon us and autonomy is in bloom. Yes we have officially entered the period of dating life commonly referred to as Un-Cuffing Season, the pre-motion trials of Summer Flinging, which officially begin May 28th on Memorial Day. You may soon notice, that this season will usher in a slew of shenanigans entertained by the one you’ve been cuffin. Yes, that warm body pillow you’ve been intimately cuffed to these past cold months, may start dropping subtle hints of distance. Do not be alarmed, this is standard practice. Above all, understand the rituals that are about to take place, knowledge is power! The dating game can be fierce so please don’t trip over these common spin moves. Don’t hate the game, just become a better player…

5.) The Text Message Phone Call

Naturally, I would never recommend anyone try to read between the lines of a text message. Casual talk is bound to breach syntax. However, in the spirit of Un-Cuffing Season this is a wise move to be mindful of, if you’re noticing that your previous phone jones have been abbreviated to acronyms and other text talk, take no alarm. Just take note. The games have begun. Play accordingly.

4.)  The “Oh word? I might see you there!” Invitation

This is a swift move for the experienced and strategic Un-Cuffer. Afterall, arriving at the beach with sand is only going to complicate the Summer Flinging application process. Therefore casually “bumping into” you is far more beneficial in the large scheme of things and allows him to still appear as a bachelor in public eye. More importantly, it exercises the fact the you’re still a bachelorette! Truly, once you look past the disrespect of it all, you can see how this is secretly an ideal scenario for a young lover to find themself in. Not only can the cuffee take advantage of that evening’s meet and greet, but she still has a designated cuffer to ride home! #Winning #Won

3.) The Emergence of “Old” Homies…

Classic Cuffing jargon, translation: “New prospect.” If him and his new “old” homies seem suspiciously cozy, congratulations your  intuition is still in tact. But that’s where it ends. Don’t inquire, don’t get suspicious, and please, please, pretty please don’t get jealous. These are the conditions that were finely outlined in your Cuffing manual— the temporariness of your union. It simply means that he’s in the process of exploring his options. You’re more than welcome to do the same.

2.) The Early Morning Declaration

Now this is a maneuver that may occur regularly or sporadically throughout Un-Cuffing Season. It’s common knowledge that mornings do indeed start early in the day. However, when he starts to over emphasize it in the form of a yawn and “I have a real early morning” complaint/decree recognize it as the quickest approach to tone down cuddle time or as a subtle request for a quick-visit quickie.

1.) The Fade

Researchers are still studying the most proper and effective approach to end cuffing season with your cuffer. Telling the truth hasn’t yielded much popularity… However, what typically has is the “fade”, or more commonly known as the “fade to black”. This is the swift disappearance and undeniable lack in presence of a cuffee particularly during the months approaching summer. No worries, he’ll be back. If not, expect his replacement in due time.

When observed fully Un-Cuffing Season can be a merry time for all. However, if you’re unaware of the intense games in session you may find yourself trampled in disappointment and wildly offended, and that’s no fun! Prepare accordingly and play competitively! Either accept or depending on your personal pedigree, exercise these moves. In any event, look forward optimistically toward Summer Flinging and get ready to let that mothercuffer go. He might be gone til’ November (Cuffing Season 2012) :) Play safe kids!

Any other spin moves to expect this season? Have you created ones yourself? What’s a better move than The Fade? Join the animal party @wwmdtv or pen it below!

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  1. I couldn't have listed the signs better lol…these are definitely the key signs to know your cuff is trying to end it…too funny

    Vicky, 2 years ago Reply

  2. "The games have begun. Plan accordingly" haha so true! I always find it difficult to plan…i tend to fall smh. Great warning tips but I really dislike the fade, I think it's very shady. I prefer to just be honest and talk to one another.

    Jewel, 2 years ago Reply

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