6 Unsexy Words He NEVER Wants You To Call Him…

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6 Unsexy Words He NEVER Wants You To Call Him…

It doesn’t take much effort to emasculate a man. A quick 1-2-punk-bitch-punch will get the deed done in no time. However, even though most of us aren’t practicing misandry on the daily (at least not consciously), many still manage to pelt a good dude with accidental castrations. So to make sure your tongue is in all-around good standing, I decided to snatch up some dudes to comment on the little, ugly words that make him go hmm. Use with caution.

Ex: “Don’t give me a piggyback ride, you’re mad delicate!”
He Says: “Physical weakness equates with being less than a man and that’s a strike against the male ego. Skinny dudes can be strong lol, I mean he shouldn’t be picking up Precious, but still.” —Justin, 24

Ex: “You’re like my very own version of Drake, so glad I got a sensitive one.”
He Says: “No man likes that word. It makes you feel almost weak to hear a girl say it about you, even though its meant to say we are apathetic to a woman’s feelings, but most of us just see it as something effeminate.” —Joe, 28

Ex: “I love how I spend two hours getting ready and you somehow look prettier than me, hmmf.”
He Says: “I know some guys who don’t mind being called a pretty boy and I know some who refer to themselves as pretty, but I think all of that bitch-made sh-t should chill. But I’m also not here to comment on that, lol. Personally, I don’t want any woman calling me pretty. Anyone who knows me knows that I take a lot of pride in my appearance, but I take even more pride in my manliness. So even if I’m out here stunting, how I’m carrying myself has a little brawn and ruggedness to it. If you feel like I’m in these streets looking better than you, then that’s something you should re-evaluate personally. Respect the fact that there’s a penis attached to me and chill with all that pretty sh-t.”–Rondel, 27

4.) SOFT
Ex: “I love spooning with you, you feel so soft.”
He Says: “Gross, never say that to a man. You might as well call him flaccid. We use soft for a variety of insults. A man is everything and anything but soft.” —Shaan, 25

Ex: “You’re going to look timid if you don’t ask for that raise.”
He Says: Okay, even if her man is being *cautious* or *strategic* in a particular situation, doesn’t mean she should flip that into him being a coward. It’s fine to create a sense of urgency, sometimes we need that, but timid? Word? There goes that independent woman gone wrong thing again. Just stop.” —Charles, 26

Ex: “Wow, you’re such a petite man!”
He Says: Why would you use a woman’s clothing size to describe a man? Regardless of how short I am, just don’t do it.” —John, 26

Please Note: Apparently team testosterone doesn’t mind if you tag them as sluts, lol. What a shocker!

Please Also Note: If you MUST chop n screw a man’s ego, do so in PRIVATE.

Guys, let me know if I missed any subliminal shots or if being called delicate actually melts your heart.

Much x and o you scallywags,

Tracy (@trayhova)


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  1. I completely understand these guys! Those words do emasculate a man! If I was a man, I would especially hate if someone called me petite! No male wants to be called petite!

    Sophia, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Your 'Please Note" are great! Calling a guy a slut does not emasculate them at all smdh but as far as emasculating them in front of a crowd! That is a No, No! Its very embarrassing and if that is your man, why do you want to play him in front of others.

    Leah, 2 years ago Reply

  3. Lmao @ #3 What if you are just referring to one feature like his eyes? You don't say "you have handsome eyes".

    Guys can be soft and hard at the same time. Idk how they do it, they must use baby lotion.

    And what does you being timid have to do with a woman's independence? Man up!

    sunshyne84, 2 years ago Reply

    • wow @ baby lotion! oh my goodness haha

      Tracy, 2 years ago Reply

  4. This is good Tracy (per usual)! Except Joe doesn't know what apathetic means… lol

    Webster, 2 years ago Reply

    • lmao, looking back i believe he meant empathetic!

      Tracy, 2 years ago Reply

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