Hollering At Him 101: 7 Moves He Swears Will Kill Ya Game

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Hollering At Him 101: 7 Moves He Swears Will Kill Ya Game

So I’m a serial hollerer and darn proud of it. My theory… it’s like grocery shopping: See what ya like and go for it before it’s all gone. Nothing sucks more than knowing you let that fine guy and all his great qualities slip through your fingers because you didn’t have the guts to approach him. Talk about #fail. 

One’s argument could be “Well if he didn’t approach me then he probably wasn’t interested,” but that’s not always the case. Peep my friend Devin’s thoughts below:

“We may not approach you for a number of reasons. You may be with a bunch of girls and or with a squad of guys. I’m not walking into that. Most men won’t”

I know we like to believe that men are the initiators but here’s a secret… they get shy too. I know, semi SMH but hey, if you’re a bad chick, take it as a compliment. Doesn’t make him any less of a man. Once again, it just makes you One BADDD Chick!

Now a lot of women have asked me about my approach when “hollering.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If he’s attracted to you, it doesn’t really matter what you say. Many men say that if a female is attractive, her  number-bagging approach will most likely work. So go on…talk about anything: “How’s the weather outside?” ” Do you come here often?” Lol. Ok. Not those lines exactly but you get my point. Just start conversation. It’s not that serious. Just don’t think too hard.  If you think too hard, you may end up  fitting into this category of not so successful chicks…

“Bad chicks can’t do anything they want. They got rope but sometimes they hang themselves with it” – Tye, 28

 Man! Forgot that could happen, ey? A super hot Rihanna type messing up his flow? Oh my! Happens more often than you think. I got 7 men to give you ladies pointers on what you should never ever do when hollering at a guy. Check it out: 

#1 Thou Shall Not Send Your Girl To Do Your Dirty Work  “ When she sends her friend to do the asking for her. Come on now! This ain’t highschool. I’ll still take her number but just come to me yourself because I just might also be interested in your friend and if so, where does that leave you?” - Maurice, 24  
#2 Thou Shall Not Grab His Booty (How dare you!) ”It’s rarely gonna be a bad chick that comes and slaps ur buns. Gonna be some brazzen chick that reeks of meritocracy. A girl that’s completely fly, doesn’t need to do that.” -Rell, 27
#3 Thou Shall Imitate Native Actions of a Groupie “I’m a promoter so when she’s all over me, flirting, etc it is kind of a turn off . If I just met you and you’re all over me it makes me think that you’re easy and you’re like that with every other dude. It also makes you kinda look like a groupie.” -Ryan, 24
#4 Thou Shall Not Let Him Know That You’ve Got This In The Bag ”Compliments are fine, general convo, “oh nice shoes,” questions can rock too but I’m not a fan of you approaching me like you got it like that or acting like it’s a given that I’m interested. One time I saw a girl at a party. Definitely thought she was attractive but then she put one finger up and curled it towards her as she was walking away. I took it as come over here nicca, I got it like that. Not happening with me.”-James, 23
#5 Thou Shall Not Ask HIm To Buy You A Drink (Come on now!)  “Thinking I’ll definitely buy you a drink… NEXT!” - Adrien, 33 
#6 Thou Shall Not Front Like You’re Only Interested In Casual Sex ”Telling me  that you’re not looking for a relationship, “You just want to chill and have fun.lol aka hoe. It’s sad, because you’re only saying that because you think you’re getting a vibe that I’m not the relationship type. That’s the wrong thing to say to a guy you like, because then he will never take you seriously.” -Carl, 29
(Now I, Chazeen, must disagree with the “hoe part. We know that all girls aren’t necessarily always looking for a relationship, but if you know that there is a chance that you may want this guy to be anything more than a casual lay… keep it real or my advice: Say nothing chicas! Leave that part of the convo open for possibility, you can always go back an finalize your decision later.) 
#7 Thou Shall Not Allow Your Friends To Tag Along For The Number Bagging SessionPersonally I don’t like when a girl brings her girlfriends with her to try and talk to me, one on one is always the best bet. They might not be up in my face with you but if  they are close enough for me to feel like I’m on the spot, could be intimidating for a guy” – Brad, 25
Well now! I think those are basics but if this is your first time hearing the above then take notes ladies because I’ve heard these thoughts many a times from my male amigos.

Hope this helps! Ladies… got some additional advice to share ? Men, you got some thoughts to share with our gals? Need some more pointers on how to actually approach a man? Drop a comment in the box below. If that’s what ya want, I’ll post a video on our youtube page and show you guys how I strategize *wink wink* 


Until next time mi amors! 



PS. *A lil something something for our male supporters* So one of these guys actually asked me what male approaches work best on a female. I suggested the same thing that I usually suggest for women. If she thinks you’re cute then you can say anything *Respectful and Non- Corny* to get the conversation going. Think conversation men, not lines. Lines, calling me sexy, staring me up and down like a piece of well seasoned steak on the grill will make me feel like you’re either A) HUNGRY! or B) Pick up girls on the reg. Either way, you just went from a 10 to a 5 my brother b/c homie don’t play that. Too many non-desperate fish in the sea ; )

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  1. Good advice, but would loke to hear the fellas say what they actually DO respond to.

    TokyoBrown, 2 years ago Reply

  2. OK. #1 I've done before… only because I was 15 at the time and didn't (and still don't) know how to approach guys. #2 I used to do at parties and in the clubs when I was a teenager. The guys never knew it was me, and it was all just for fun. But looking back on it, I do feel bad for violating them, even though none of them ever made a big deal about it. #7 happened only once and NOT because I wanted it to. My girls are very bold. Once, when I was talking to a guy that I was interested in, they all hounded him like a pack of wolves. He handled it well, but I was embarrassed.

    But I've never done any of the other ones. And for the most part, I think these are valid. Which… is why I do not approach guys. It makes me nervous anyway, and it just feels so unnatural to me. Call me old-fashioned, but it's just so sexy to me when a guy knows how to approach me with confidence but also respectfully.

    RenJennM, 2 years ago Reply

  3. I feel like for the most part, to get the guy that I am interested in, I have had to initiate the conversation. I hate the feeling of regret. For instance, this weekend I went on vacation, I met this sexy man and I didn't exchange numbers with him because I thought I would see him inside the club. The club was so huge, I did not see him :( !. I think its important to just go after what you want! Sad story huh? But Thanks for the tips. I will make sure to use them when I meet a great guy, like this past weekend smh.

    Aubrey, 2 years ago Reply

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