Meagan’s Goods: A Bachelorette’s 3 Point Entitlement Plan

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Meagan’s Goods: A Bachelorette’s 3 Point Entitlement Plan

There are two very special times in a woman’s life where you just have to let her do her. One.) when the monthly demon comes to haunt her and two.) when she’s celebrating her bachelorette party. (Fellas, not going to mollywop you with the double-standard flog, the latter applies to you as well). So as a single gal/wifey in training, I have to issue a little somethin’- somethin’ spiel on behalf of the recently crowned Jezebel Meagan Good, because homegirl’s dodging stones heavy.

Let’s get something straight … I wasn’t half naked last night …Let’s get another thing straight, I’m [an] actress there will be many things narrow minded people deem unholy or not 1st lady like..Smh people are ridiculous … Can’t a [girl] enjoy her bachelorette party in peace?

Although, I do definitely see the grey zone from where her cross-armed jury is seated — in direct opposition to an abstaining soon-to-be preacher’s wife shimmying around a pole, I must contest, she hasn’t done anything wrong (not by my standards anyways). And what are those standards you ask? No worries, I’ve already devised a 3 point entitlement plan for a bachelorette on her bachelorette party night, so in the event the fututre Mr. Cajus is ready to claim his fortune we’re both on the same page. It’s widely inclusive and you’re free to adopt it as well if you agree. Caring is sharing.

Keep What’s In Your Panties Where You Found It

Now obviously, cheating is cheating and just because it’s 24-hours prior to jimmying on a marital cuff doesn’t give grounds to show your ass that hard. Yes, I know A LOT of people out there disagree, but as far as I’m concerned the statute of limitations to bang a foreign body expires day one of a sealed engagement. Furthermore, showcasing your unmentionables is equally illegal 24 hours post-seal. Meagan kept code: she performed on stage in front of a group of family and friends (not to be confused with stripping in front of thirsty men with rent to blow) dancing in a pretty conservative giddy-up (by showgirl standards). It could have easily been the  same bodysuit a very much so wifed-and-MILFed-up Beyonce could’ve worn in front of millions (a matter of fact I think it was…) and no one would have arched an eyebrow. Meag’s outfit & behavior was far more entertainment than an invitation. With that said there were no laws broken. Go home now Officer.

Make Sure Hubby Has A Head’s Up

Fiance wasn’t excited about it but hey, he was notified! Ha! The biggest liability a man has to face when wifing up a woman with vixen swag is having to respond to the devastating notification, “Man we saw your girl doing the MOST the other day,” in stuttering confusion. Leaving your guy to be the last to know about any comparable scandalousness is not only an assassin to the male ego, but to your male’s monogamy. Mr. Good was prepared. So in essence, the Goods were good.


Your bachelorette is the final hoorah; the last of day summer; the acceptance speech ‘Ye should’ve never interrupted. Cease it in all of its glory! We’re all grown & sexy enough to know that regret festers into either resentment and/or unfinished biz, two feelings that have NO damn placement in holy matrimony. So make sure you clean out the closet and remove any most lingering in inhibitions before locking the door completely. Because it’s all down hill from there… (I kid!)

Disagree? Sureya right! J/K though, how do you feel about Meagan Good’s “stiptease”, the laws of bachelor/bachelorette parties, or women & poles (tee-hee). You know the vows, speak now @wmmdtv or forever hold your peace.

Later Toots,

@_guerdley (a.k.a Ms. Cajus Ifya Nasty)


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  1. I feel like her striptease was very innocent…the only reason why they are judging her is because of the man she is marrying. I completely agree with your 3 points…in her case I think letting her hubby know is the most important thing since he is a preacher and people will talk since she will soon be a first lady.

    Korey, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Poor Meagon Good, if her man (the preacher) was okay with her doing this performance, then everyone else should just respect it. There is nothing wrong with her performance. It was flirty and innocent!

    Leah, 2 years ago Reply

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