WWMD INBOX: A Man’s (Hilarious) Response To Sex Moves That *Require* Prior Consent

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WWMD INBOX: A Man’s (Hilarious) Response To Sex Moves That *Require* Prior Consent

Dudes like to keep it real with us. Never donned a weave, real. And for that we’re infinitely thankful, because goodness does all that realness reel in some hilariously candid tales.

Yesterday, Guerdonce dropped this lil slick click: You Wanna Wha?! 5 His & Her Sex Moves That *Require* Prior Consent, that spotlighted a few after-hour tricks like slut talk and milk mugs, that should come with a permission slip. Quality edutainment right thurr.

An hour after it’s debut, a Facebook message from a 23-year-old fellow we’ll call Jason came through. We read. We cackled. We read again. We smh’d. And of course we asked to share. So it’s time to share…

I was chuckling the entire time I was reading that WWMD blog post because of this. I’ll keep it brief.

There was a girl I was seeing. Let’s call her Jane. Before me, her past sexual experiences with guys have been pretty bad. She had four 2-yr relationships before she met me. A lot of bad sex. Not a lot of sex drive for Jane as a result.

The first time Jane and I hooked up, I employed most of my basic dirty talk and such. Jane went along with it really well and returned the dirty talk. She seemed comfortable with it. I wasn’t led to think much of it. Immediately after the sex, she accused me of being a huge ladies man. I interpreted that as a sign that she enjoyed the sex.

A few days later, I texted her some dirty messages. Again, I thought she was comfortable with all this. But she actually wasn’t. She responded saying that she was ending me and didn’t want to see me anymore. The dirty talk was too much for her, and she was too uncomfortable.

At this point, I finally realized how sexually reserved and inexperienced Jane was. After a long talk over the phone, Jane resolved to continue seeing me. I told her I’d respect her boundaries and watch my dirty talk.

But I didn’t tell her that I planned on corrupting her and turning her into a filthy kink! ;D

Over the course of a few weeks, I introduced more and more dirty talk. I also started spanking, choking, etc. A lot of this was my own selfish pleasure in trying to corrupt her. I never asked for her permission. I just did it and hoped she’d forgive me! Lol.

Just yesterday, she admitted to me that I succeeded in turning her into a kink. LMFAOOOO!!!!!!

It’s funny for me to see what the other people had to say about their distaste for dirty talk, name calling, spanking, and such. I wonder how possible corruption was for those guys if they were more patient…

All we have to say about that is !!!!!!!!

Can’t say we super cosign catching her body off guard with pornhub’s finest moves, not all women are turned out equally after all. But a man who takes the time to explore the female anatomy’s maze, well, is worth being dirty with. Just use your intuition as a compass to distinguish shyness from GTFOHness. Ya dig? Ya dig.

Until next time you troublemakers and lovemakers!



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  1. I commend him for fulfilling his ultimate goal in turning her into a 'kink' haha. I think its great that he took the time to explore what she liked and to turn her out!

    Giana, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I love how he was patient with this girl! However, I wonder if he actually liked her or just continued to see her because he secretly wanted to turn her out! In regards to yesterday's blog, I believe somethings do need to be talked about before done, for example, anal! Great blog!

    Hillary, 2 years ago Reply

  3. lmmfao! too funny. I can't lie, this sounds like what happened to me…guy totally corrupted me as well, turned me OUT. From a little ol' virgin to a sex-crazed monster :p Before I was like "you want me to do whattttt now?" but now I'm the one wanting to do it. Full-circle

    Ciara, 2 years ago Reply

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