Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: How Ugly Guys Bag Gorgeous Girls

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Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: How Ugly Guys Bag Gorgeous Girls

Disclaimer: Ugly is such a harsh word…we don’t mean it, we just used it for effect ; )

Man... I’m sure you’ve seen it before, especially in NYC (city of beautiful women): a baddd girl coupled with a not so baddd guy. It happens oh so often! Here’s another scenario, have you ever found yourself asking “How did he bag me?” *Raises hand*  Guilty…

Somehow in a matter of weeks or even days the ugly duckling upgrades to a beautiful swan right before your very eyes and by the end of this transformation, you forget that the previous image ever existed. For this blog, I badly wanted to interview a not so striking man to ask him how he attracts and maintains the interest of these gorgeous ladies but alas, who are we kidding, there isn’t a man on earth or anyone I know that would let this type of story fly without a “WTF?” We need our guys to continue providing you with WWMD insight so I had to trash that idea ladies. #sadness. No worries though. I’ve got you! I decided to do the next best thing… hit the blogs! Look what I happen to come across on Single Black Male: Ugly Dudes Stay Winning a dude’s perspective on how this all goes down.

My personal opinion: Pretty boys need to step their game up. You no longer have the upper hand shawties! Take a look below and see just how these ducklings… I mean “beautiful swans” do their thing. Of course I added my own notes to justify how I find myself all of a sudden “bagged” …

Single Black Male: Confidence/personality is on a hundred thousand trillion
If you ever need a lesson or a muse in believing in yourself, find an ugly dude. These guys refuse defeat. Surrender is not an option. Their [insert a word other than sw@g] is everlasting. They can get shot down by 6 women, only to believe that 7th  time’s a charm. Confidence goes far in courting a woman, and these men have damn near perfected this craft. If you don’t tell yourself that “you’re the ish” then who will?  There’s something to be said about having a million dollar mindset with quarter water looks.

ME: Oh my gosh. I recently had this happen to me. Initially, I just thought this guy was arrogant but his confidence, his attire, and the belief that he was truly fly ultimately lead me to believe nothing less than that. Now there is such a thing as over doing it. Over doing it will get you shot down followed by a mumble under her breath saying something like “He’s arrogant and he’s not even cute. ughh” Tread lightly men for we women certainly get turned off by the bull.

Single Black Male: All other aspects of appearance are enhanced
When someone is blind, it is said that all other senses are enhanced to above average levels. Hearing is more acute. Smell is twice as potent. Taste and touch are attuned to super sensitive levels. These other sense compensate for a lack of sight. In the same fashion, an ugly dude enhances other aspects of their visual. They will have the freshest kicks.  They’ll wear clothes that compliment their personality. They will hit the gym and work on that beachbody. They’ll drive miracle whips. They’ll even roll with “the beautiful people” in their crew! All other aspects of the visual will be enhanced, and the total package [||] will be complete.

Me: Ladies, ever find yourself wondering why all (well many) gorgeous guys are not as smart as you’d like them to be? That’s because they’ve relied on their looks to get by for way too long. Let’s look at the men that make the big decisions and the big bucks, not quite as fine as the models that you’re probably eying but hey they make up for it. Give me brains, an awesome body, swagged out gear and I’ll probably forget that you aren’t the model-esque guy that I dreamed about dating when I was in middle school. He also makes up for it with a romantic, and semi sensitive approach to this relationship. Where the cute guy lacks… the “not quite as fine” guy picks up on the slack.

Single Black Male: They’re blowing women’s backs out
These unaesthetic pleasing individuals are laying more pipe than Mario and Luigi.  If y0u question anything else I’ve written on this topic, take this point to church. Good sex will make a woman’s thoughts jumbled and increase your attractiveness 1000%. Think of how many relationships should’ve ended about 6 months sooner than they did. A lot of times sex makes women hold on (another post another day). In the case of an Ugly Dude, it makes them sexy and “handsome”.  Who knew slaying v@gina could cure the common cold and make a dude look sexy?

Me: Ditto!

To sum it up, I think that as you get older or experience enough negatives outcomes with the cute guy, your preferences starts to change. What’s the definition of insanity? –> “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. If the pretty boy never gave you the attention that you needed, never had enough aspirations and drive, or never made the extra effort to be the prince charming that you enjoy being around then ultimately the items on your priority list should start to move around. Things that once were compromises now shift up to the top of the list. Disclaimer: It’s very rare that a woman will get with a guy that she truly thinks is UGGLLY but if there’s a choice between choosing the ok guy and choosing the guy that’s fine as wine, you now understand why her choice goes left. When you note all of the positives that each man has to offer, the ok guy is winning!

PS. There is some hope though ladies, the cute guys are catching on. I’ve got some fine Wall St. friends that I can introduce you to ; )

To read more from Single Black Male, check out the rest of their blog HERE.

Leave your thoughts below. Why else are the less attractive guys winning? Why are the not so fly ladies winning? Why are b*tches winning!? … Oh wait that’s whole different blog. lol. Leave your thoughts below ; )




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  1. Amen! Pretty boys need to step their game up! I completely agree with your statement that "as you get older or experience enough negatives outcomes with the cute guy, your preferences start to change"…after getting mistreated for so long, one will be much more open to giving chances to guys that they once didn't pay attention to. Great blog!

    Rae, 2 years ago Reply

  2. All I have to say is pretty boys take notes! These tips can only benefit you

    Alina, 2 years ago Reply

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    Pretty Boy PSA: Why Women Everywhere Are Beginning To Loathe You, 2 years ago Reply

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