The Art (And Importance) Of A Good Mind F-ck

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The Art (And Importance) Of A Good Mind F-ck

There’s just something about mind f-cking. I’m sure many of my fellow ovary owners will cosign that this is a foreplay must. The mess-free lube you don’t have to pick up all sheepishly at Duane Reade. Hell, even a solid round of mind f-cking with a Picasso looking dude will get a lick of the lips.

And it’s all because this art exceeds your basic flirting, pals. This is about intelligence, tact, empathy, inflection, challenge, seduction, chemistry. Not undressing someone with your eyes, but unraveling someone with your charm. The sh-t that gets Guerdley to write a blog titled Sex Is Good, But Sexual Tension Is Great! Don’t ever forget that your brain is your largest sexual organ. It’s science *Ron Burgundy voice*

Fun fact time! Here are the mind sex positions (almost) guaranteed to delight me and my southern regions: art appreciation and analysis, gender politics, race politics, philosophical stuff, and the personal pursuit of happiness. Come knock me out my frock you sophisticated ignorants!

Okay, I must control myself.

*controls self*

Now fellas, you already know that physical sex doesn’t have to be on level 10 at all time, so the same flies for mental stimulation. We don’t always need to levitate (though I promise you some candlelight Vinyasa classes might actually get ya there!); a game of playful banter should forecast a wet and humid evening as well.

On the contrary, a bout of blah-blah cerebral smashing will gift thy pitied amateur with nothing more than a withered panty and every suitor’s favorite passing seconds—awkward silence. Real hot.

Speediest way to be remembered for all the wrong reasons? Talk like you know what you actually don’t know. ex: You know about a raindrop’s worth of M.O.P. fun facts and yet it’s you who’s steering an M.O.P. conversation with a hip-hop hotshot. Second ex: You’re actually the one who dismisses his/her attempt at stroking beneath your scalp. Unless it’s because they embody the first example, that’s just rude!

Now pretty girl rocks, listen up. Yes, I know you know that men are usually about visual stimulation more than anything—which is why they can kinda jiggle out an orgasm on demand— BUT step outside and remind yourself that there’s a plethora of well-heeled, second-lookers chill’n in the sunlight. So being viewed as the sweet anomaly  is about, surprise-surprise, personality! Knowing and honing yourself beyond the full-length (and compact) mirrors, so your intangibles shine like the brightest side of heaven. And what’s most important is, unlike your thighs, those joints come with no expiration stamp. You better hump his medulla back.

And so what if Kim Kardashian doesn’t look like she knows how to excite more than Yeezy’s small head? If Kim teetered her cakes off a cliff in the name of male attention would you follow? Hahahahahaha that was so melodramatic and rhetoric, especially since I actually dig that self-admiring twosome, but whatevs, point made and I hope noted.

In sweet conclusion sons, being adept in the art of mind f-cking makes you memorable. Nine letters, three syllables, one hell of  a hefty meaning. Even if the actual body thumping part is eh, a good mind fucker almost always receives a second chance.

Happy unprotected mentalcoursing, kids! Let me know what gets your brains all moist and bothered!

Tracy (And send us an e-wave! @itstracyg | @WWMDtv)

PS: A male perspective on the art and importance of mind f-cking will be en route soon


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  1. I think your on to something here Tracy! I will be making sure to mind f-ck more often

    Cynthia, 2 years ago Reply

  2. Yes, listen to her, they always get a second chance. I love when a man knows how to stimulate my mind and body!

    Lily, 2 years ago Reply

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