3 Secrets From A Bush Loving Man #TeamHair

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3 Secrets From A Bush Loving Man #TeamHair

Most guys aren’t going down unless she keeps the grass cut. Other men, or this man in particular, has mad love for the lawn and yawns in the face of a clean mow job. Yup, we found him ladies –a bush loving man.

For those of you that are sitting behind your comp screens “ewing” the hell out this guy, understand that the need to shave is a daunting task for many women. And if your on top off your Flinstone vitamin hustle, hair can grow back pretty quick –too damn quick for some of you… So yes, a man that doesn’t mind frolicking in the great pastures of nature from time to time should be respected! Simply because for many women he’s a breath of fresh air.

And for those of you that love to shave, but still found slight liberation in the title alone (I see you fam!) you can thank us now too. Go on…

Without further ado, here are three secret reasons guys –or this guy in particular, still votes for bush.

1) No Church In The Wild

“Plus, I don’t know maybe it’s a fetish thing but I think it’s sexy. Or maybe freaky or kinky or whatever. It’s just different and men like different things during sex. I don’t know maybe I’ve just been with too many women, but every chick is walking around with a¬† baldy between her legs, no lie. Switch it up on a dude every now. Change the rules, f-ck it break the rules! Take him to the jungle girl! [Laughs] Trust me if you’ve been having sex with the same dude for a while, he’s going to appreciate you pulling out a brand new p-ssy. Word.”

2) Shaving Is A Waste Of Perfectly Good Sex Time

“I’m with her and she’s like “No, we can’t because I didn’t shave.” What man in his right mind is going to be like, “Oh yeah, true” ? I don’t care. I mean like I really don’t [Laughs] What’s the saying they always said in school? It’s what inside of a person that matters, not on the outside! [Laughs] I told her if she wants to shave to make herself comfortable she can, but I’m ready… Now.”

3) Big Girls Do Big Things

“It’s not that bushes are my preference, just confident and mature¬†women are. I’m noticing that the two go hand in hand. If she’s comfortable enough in her own skin to know that she’s still bad in her natural light, the sex is going to bananas. She’s not pressed about “being” sexy during sex, like most of these wannabe porn star chicks are out here. You know, with all the sexy ooo and ahhhs and all that fake whimpering. Hate that sh-t. Just take it. Smanging a chick out every now and then is fine, but a man needs some competition sometimes… You need to develop your sex skills. There are way more important things at hand than maintaining an adolescent looking cooch.”

Okay, okay, okay, let’s NOT jump to conclusions! This testimony isn’t an all access pass to commit yourself to a full time life in the wilderness (although we are about that existentialist life, S/O to the fam @trayhova and Henry David Thoreau). However what you should take away from this is a muzzle for your neurosis. So ladies, before strapping on a chastity belt due to a minor delay in your regular primping schedule make it a point to inquire about his landscaping preferences. After all, a rendezvous is a terrible thing to waste…

Ha! Any other bushmen out there? Step up and represent for your tribe! Lol! Ladies relieved or perturbed?# Speak up @wwmdtv

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  1. I think that is great that he does not mind pubic hair but I think a waxed vagina is better any day. It feels much more fresh. A hairy vagina is not the sexiest thing but to each is own.

    Charli, 2 years ago Reply

  2. I agree with this guy! I think girls, including myself, should not prevent themselves from having sex just because they didn't shave but I just feel much more comfortable when I am shaved. Its a preference thing.

    Sandy, 2 years ago Reply

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