Tested And Proven: Her Official Guide To Determining His Size Down There (Bookmark This!)

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Tested And Proven: Her Official Guide To Determining His Size Down There (Bookmark This!)

I’ve been wondering why women are so obsessed with the size of his penis. It doesn’t necessarily determine whether or not the sex will be good. It doesn’t affect how he’ll treat you. My personal stance: As long as it doesn’t look like a little boy’s wee wee, then we’re good to go. There are some people that say it’s all about the motion in the ocean, but how much motion can a little penis create? And this is where the true female concern about penis size lies. It’s that fear of ending up with a guy that is not quite equipped in the bed.

You know what they say about a guy who has big shoes!

No worries… I’m not going to hit you with that played out theory or the silliness about him having big hands or the dated tales about ethnicity being a good judge of size. They’ve all been wrong! wrong! And WRONG! One might actually understand why our Penis Previewer decided to start exercising her viewing rights. As she so adamantly put it  ”He has an idea of what [my] merchandise is like, I don’t [of his].” And it’s true! Are we destined to continue playing the guessing game until we conveniently end up in his bed and are confronted by Mr. Mini-P …#sadness…possibly, not anymore. So how does this new tested and proven theory work? Read on!

Alas! A theory with scientific evidence from Tae Beom Kim at the Urology Department of Gachon University Gil Hospital in Incheon, South Korea

According to our data … the shorter index (second) finger than ring (fourth) finger you have, the longer stretched penile length you have.

Yup, they’ve got a pretty good backing there. 144 men tested to prove this new theory but, for me, it just wouldn’t seem completely legit until I did my own research for this sensitive topic, so I did! My friends and I, rounded up the top 5 Big Kahunas that we’ve dated and the 5 most memorable Ini Minis and took to facebook to do some comparisons. Here’s what we came up with in comparison to those old school assumptions (Sorry no names included. That just wouldn’t be right.lol but we did include some famous faces below):

Big Boys:

  • Guy 1 – Ring finger and index fingers are the same size (Avg feet, Avg hands)
  • Guys 2 - *Theory True* Ring finger longer than his index finger (Avg  feet, Small hands)
  • Guy 3*Theory True*Ring finger longer than his index finger (Avg feet, Avg hands)

*Celebrity Proof*

  • Kanye West – Index and ring fingers are the same size (Avg feet, Avg hands)
  • Stevie J - *Theory True* Ring finger longer than his index finger (Avg feet, Avg hands)

Mini- P’s:

  • Guy 1 – Index and pointer fingers are the same size (Small hands, Small Feet)
  • Guys 2*Theory True* Ring finger shorter than his index finger (Avg feet, Average hands)
  • Guy 3*Theory True* Ring finger shorter than his index finger (Big feet, Avg hands)
  • Guy 4*Theory True* Ring finger shorter than his index finger(Avg feet, Avg hands)
  • Guy 5 - *Theory True* Ring finger shorter than his index finger (Avg feet, Avg hands)

The so-called ‘digit ratio’ in this study refers to the length of the index finger divided by the length of the ring finger. The lower the ratio, the study suggests, the longer the penis may be.

Well now… I’d say we’ve got a winner here. Of course there’s an exception to every rule so don’t beat down our comment wall if you find one guy who the rule doesn’t apply to BUT do your own Facebook stalking and let us know what you find. Let’s see if this it really works. If so, it’ll be one huge freaking ABOUT TIME step for womenkind lol. Crank it out ladies. And Men… The proof is right in front of you so let us know the deal as well. Is the theory true? Can’t wait to hear from ya.

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PS. Another theory that this lovely lady vouches for

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  1. I wonder if this is true! I feel like its possible but it may just be chance. Penis size is always a difficult thing to determine without actually seeing or grabbing it. I'm going to make sure to perform the test tho…thanks for the insight

    Mia, 2 years ago Reply

  2. haha I think this theory actually works. I know that for me, this theory has come to be true. My last boyfriend was not as big as my current and his index finger was smaller than his ring finger so I would recommend girls to observe their guy's hands lol

    Ellie, 2 years ago Reply

  3. I have a small one (a small penis that is), and my index and ring fingers are the same size, so I can't really tell.

    Mark, 1 year ago Reply

  4. haha wow…so NOT true. I am living proof of that. I have small hands, fingers, and a big member. My wife can attest to that. Ladies, sorry, there is no real 'physical' way of telling…ultimately. Maybe it is Mother Nature's way of saying look at the character first…and then the large member. haha

    John, 1 year ago Reply

  5. Unless you consider 6 inches huge than I don't think this theory is true.
    My ring finger is longer than my index finger but still I am only 6 inches down there which is average at best.

    Guy, 1 year ago Reply

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