The BIG FYI: Why So Many Darn Men Despise Our ‘Stiletto’ Nails

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The BIG FYI: Why So Many Darn Men Despise Our ‘Stiletto’ Nails

Special Preface: Yo! Decided it might be best to remind all of you glorious readers we adore that myself, Cece and Guerds are here to *share* the male POV with you… not use it as a God-constructed compass for dictating your/our femininity (Sorry Harv). In other words, testosterrific perspectives are fun to consider—or fun to trash, just lend an empathetic ear before taking ya pick ; )

A couple months back, I did a BIG FYI blog on men who affectionately dubbed our wedges as “frankenboots,” “waffle stompers” and “toy blocks.” Silliness. While actually rocking some chunkers around a group of guys, the topic of this stiletto nail trend came up and dudes did not see it’s presence as a present. I’ll admit, I’ve seen some finger spikes that made me feel like I was checking out the Bride of Lucifer—me no fux with that— but I’ve also seen some Rihanna tips that were ill to the 101th degree. However, this isn’t quite about my opinion. So without further interruption, have a looks at some not-so nice things a batch of guys had to say about the latest vogue in lady land.

“As a guy, those nails read across as trying way too hard. They seem like something girls do to impress other girls though. Also, even though I’m a very sexual guy and almost always like kinky things, these nails would turn me off a lot. It’s totally cool if a girl has those nails because she likes them. But in my judgment, she’s not gonna get any more male attention because of them.” —Dillon, 23

“Nails are one department where some jawns tend to get a little carried away looking like witch doctors and ish. Just give me a girl that keeps em neat, clean and nicely polished on the regular. Anything else is going to make me limp.”—Devon, 26

“They are WAY too dangerous for argument purposes and sexual situations. If you’re having a debate with your girl, where she feels the need to “point in your face,” there is a 90% chance that I will end up with eye injuries. As far as sex, my back just cant take the rips haha.” —Keenan, 21

“If it makes a women feel sexy why not, but when it’s time to cuddle she better take them nails off. I don’t want no scratches on me. They’re just not practical, in general women should keep their nails simple and clean.”—Fidel, 23

“Somebody needs to explain to me why women are into this? Watch, Shaniqua scissorhands are going to be what’s hot next. I feel like women are quick to hop on the next big thing that Rihanna’s sporting, not even really thinking if it matches their personal style. I guess if you can make it work for you, do you, but really those things are scary, useless and add no value to a female.”—Shawn, 27

Yikes! Well Shawn, you gon learn today! Our style gawdess and gal pal Shayla from AllThingsSlim is currently addicted to stiletto nails and might just use em to carve an S on your face if she caught sight of even half a side-eye. Okay, perhaps that last part is made-up f-cked upness, but it was fun to imagine. Here’s what she has to say in defense of her jagged edges:

“Think of it like a fantasy—it’s fun, it’s self-expression, it’s fashion for your fingers and the trend is not going to last very long. Dudes definitely need to get over it and stop thinking of them as a weapon. They’re actually not very sharp unless you have designs on them, but still, they won’t draw blood lol. Girls, if you show guys that they can be fun… like rub them gently against his skin, it feels good actually.”

Why thank ya Shay. Hey reader, now it’s your turn to state your stance! No matter what gender flag you’re waving, let us know if this is a trend in need of a gravestone or if haters ain’t sh-t and they ain’t saying nothing.

Much x and o,

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  1. [...] The Big FYI: Why So Many Darn Men Despise Our “Stiletto” Nails [...]

    The BIG FYI: Why Men Aren’t Feeling Our Box Braids (Not Even On Beyonce), 2 years ago Reply

  2. I love the 'stiletto nails' but I completely agree with Dillion, as a female you are not going to get more male attention just because of the nails. Therefore, if you like them, have them but if you don't like these nails, don't wear them.

    Alexis, 2 years ago Reply

  3. Guys may not think the nails add any value but they are a trend for the female's fingers. However, I do think one must be cautious wearing these type of nails, you don't want to end up in a fight with your guy because you ended up scratching him.

    Leanne, 2 years ago Reply

  4. Hey Dillon, we're not just here for your pleasure! Nor to compete with women. Some chicks just like to try new things and experiment with their look. It's as simple as that. Like Shayla said it's a trend.

    sunshyne84, 2 years ago Reply

  5. Personally, I dislike stiletto nails. Gets me scared anytime I see them. I prefer medium sized square-oval tips just because it's what looks good on my fingers and my nail grows like that. I also agree with Dillion

    iJess, 1 year ago Reply

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